10:21 PM
22 June 2017

Hannan Shah’s Kashmir analogy

The BNP’s Hannan Shah has certainly given people some food for thought. He has been effusive in his praises of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, which is refreshing. He has maintained that Ziaur Rahman declared Bangladesh’s independence, which is half the historical truth. The half that he did not mention was that Zia made his announcement in the ...

Global smartphone brands face mass extinction

Smartphone brands are heading for extinction in 2016. The industry’s growth rate dipped below 10 percent this year. Apple and Samsung’s high-end phones are taking most of the spoils, while upstarts like China’s Xiaomi are picking up first-time buyers. Loss-making brands from HTC to Sony may be forced to conclude the game is over. The smartphone ...

Clues ISIS left behind in Paris attacks will cost it dearly

Were I a fundamentalist militant in Western Europe, or, indeed, in a number of other places, I would not be overjoyed at the success of the Nov. 13 suicide attacks in Paris. Worry would be the more appropriate response. The intelligence and security services of many European and other countries have already swung into action. Their activities...

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