People dream of a united Korea (Video)

Published: August 8, 2017 Updated: 10:15 pm

Korean people firmly believe that one-day North and South Korea will be unified. To do that public opinion from both countries is necessary. All the international organizations including United Nation should take effective measures. Alongside media has to play a very important role. Only then the good days will come.

The hope was expressed at an international symposium titled ‘Towards Peace and Unification of the Korean Peninsula’ held on 24 July, 2017 at Seoul, capital city of South Korea. The symposium was organized by Peace Land Mission, Peace Korea and WACC at Hanyang University in Seoul.

The symposium, supported by Christian Broadcasting System (CBS), started with welcome speech by Dr. Soonim Lee, president of Peace Land Mission and Dr. Hu Moon Young, president of Peace Korea.

Jeong Un Chan, Former Prime Minister of South Korea, gave speech as the key speaker in the program. He said, “Korean people dream that their motherland will be reunited under the same flag. In the context of the reality, it may seem that the dream is not to be fulfilled. But history says it will be reunited one day.”  President of CBS Han Yong Gil and Dr. Samuel W. Meshack, President of WACC Global also gave speech.

After inauguration of the program first session of the symposium started. The theme of the first session was ‘The Role and Suggestion toward the peace of the Korean Peninsula Nationally and Internationally- Communication Rights and Role of the Media’. In that session three keynote papers were presented by Professor Ahn Dong Keun of Hanyang University, President of WACC Global Dr. Samuel W. Meshack and Dr. Cho Han Bum, senior researcher of Institute of Unification.

After the presentation of the papers, Professor Oh Jin Gon of Seoul Women University, Director of CCD Bangladesh G M Mourtuza and Director of Peace and Land Mission Oh Gyu Moon took part in a discussion on the papers. The session was hosted by Vincent Rajendra Rajkumar, Director of CISRS.

Second session was on the theme ‘Unification Policy and Suggestion for National Trauma Healing’. Two keynote papers were presented in the session. Those were presented by Ramon Baltron, Managing Director of Asia Pacific Mission for Migration and Rim Hun Man, Professor of Baekseok University.

After the presentation of the papers, Fr. Benjamin Alforque Director (Training) of Communication Foundation for Asia and President of Unification of Korea Lee Sang Bum participated in a discussion on the papers. The session was hosted by Dr. Kim Min Gi, Professor of Sungsil University.

The third and last session of the symposium was on ‘Pilot Program on the Recovery of the Homogeneity of Korean Peninsula’. Dr. Park Jong Su, Former diplomat in Russia and Director of GEPI, presented keynote paper in the session. Kim Hee Jeen, Director of Peace and Land Mission discussed in detail on the paper. The host of the session was Kim Geong Gyu, General Secretary of Peace Land Mission.

Then an open discussion was held. The speakers talked about different prospects and problems of the unification of South Korea and North Korea. They also discussed about the people’s feelings and wishes for the reunification.

At the end of the symposium Dr. Soonim Lee, President of Peace Land Mission, presented a draft declaration. It is said in the declaration that for hundreds of years Korea was one country. People had talked in the same language and followed the same customs and culture. Even when it was a Japanese Colony, Korean people was citizens of one land. There had been harmony and amity among the people. But after the defeat of Japan in the Second World War, the division had been done. However, general Korean people never welcomed this division.

The declaration also says that people of South and North Korea want reunited Korea. For this, foreign countries whose forces are in Korea should strive for peaceful settlement among two Koreans by leaving the Koreans to settle their differences. All the international organizations including United Nation should take effective measures to reunite Korea. Also, the faith organizations will have to play an active role to take this reunification process. The declaration expresses the hope that Korean people again will become the citizens of same land by collective measures and attempts from all the concerned.

(G M Mourtoza,, returning from Seoul, South Korea)