Rough sex move that turns most women on

Published: September 9, 2017 Updated: 2:09 am

According to a recent survey conducted by Lovehoney, a sex toy company, spanking is a great way to start your erotic journey of rough sex. Around 70 per cent women, who took part in the study, agreed that spanking turns them on during sex.

The nerve endings in a vagina gets stimulated when spanked and that helps a woman to orgasm—and if you are lucky, it might open the door to multiple orgasms. But a partner needs to make the right contact at the right spot to make her moan and ask for more.

According to experts, the partner should aim for the area that has more nerves like the lower part of the butt. The experience is more enjoyable only when you slightly spank the spot with more flesh or muscle. Intensity of spanking depends on both the partners and should be adjusted as per their wish.

Almost 60 per cent of women said they regularly engage in bondage, blindfolds, nipple play and biting. Tip: Bite her nipples softy and then move down slowly to make her moan. Don’ forget to blindfold her!

The survey, where 4,500 people talked about their favourite kinks, found that around 60 per cent of both men and women have tried BDSM with a partner. It’s time to give BDSM a try if you haven’t already.

Lifestyle Desk (Times of India)